Securing India's Future
One Drop At A Time

NextDrop tackles the problem of water scarcity by tracking water supply for utilities.

Water Scarcity is a Solvable Problem

Due to water shortages and an ageing pipe network, urban domestic consumers are not getting enough clean water to meet their daily needs. Many times, water comes at sporadic timings making access to water difficult, the quanity is not enough, and the quality can drop below safe standards.

Utilities lack granular data on their water distribution network, making it difficult for them to identify these problems and know where the problems are in the network.

Our Solution

We provide utilities and consumers with the insights they need.


We inform consumers when to expect water supply, if there is any delays, and most importantly, if there is a cancellation, so consumers can plan appropriately and not spend time waiting for water.


We pair data from devices, with inputs from the consumers, to show which areas are receiving sufficient water quantity and which are not. We use this data to make recommendations to the utility on how to manage supply for more equal distribution.


We track water quality and use our network of sensors and consumers to report to utilities where there is water quality problems, like contamination of water supply, so they can resolve it.

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